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Hoyer (KF & SF series)

Inter Ice-Pump delivers an enhanced version of the world's most popular ice cream pump for continuos freezers, the Hoyer-pump. The company was originally founded based on the development and production of this pump, which today is being sold worldwide.

Inter Ice-Pump's version of Hoyer-pump is completely identical to the original Hoyer-pump and is intended for use in connection with the worlds best ice cream freezer, the Hoyer freezer. The overall quality of the pump is higher than the original, while the price is significantly lower. The pump is manufactured in four sizes and can produce 600 to 4,000 liters per hour.

Inter Ice-Pump carries all spare parts in stock for both its own version and for the original Hoyer-pump. In most cases we can supply spare parts overnight.

Inter Ice-Pump​ does complete renovations of the Hoyer-pumps. Depending on the output media, ice cream pumps should be renovated after typically 15-20,000 production hours. We replace the worn out chrome-layer in the pump house with a new layer. All internal parts, seals and bushings are replaced and finally an exterior treatment of the pump ensures that it appears completely as new after the renovation process. Before the pump is returned to the client it undergoes a two-hour stress test on our test rig. The test ensures that the Hoyer-pump is functioning optimally after the renovation

FP pump WITHOUT cip

This pump is typically used on older Hoyer freezers.

They can also be used where the internal pressure in the pump is too high for CIP (Clean In Place)

The pump is also excellent for chocolate.

The pump is available in union or claim and in A (cream) og B (mix) 

FP pump WITH cip

This pump is supplied with Clean in Place (CIP).

The pump is available in union or claim and in A (cream) og B (mix) 

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We at Inter-Ice Pump continously strive to improve our way of working and enhancing the end quality result maintaining a superior quality level above all. We have defined a quality policy that is available by clicking below link.
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